Unexpectedly, Today is the 1st Day of hWorld Project

I would love to share my story about hWorld project. Actually, this project should have started from the end of past February. Yes, past February, about a month ago. At that time, I have already proposed a very interesting proposal presentation to my lecturer, Mrs. Henny, and exactly 3 guys (as a students) around her. I presented it passionately and full of spirit. In my mind, I imagine, every people in that room, jaw-dropped with my explanation. But, truthfully, that wasn’t. :D. At that time, I was very optimistic that, the project will run smoothly, and I estimated the prototype would come fruitfully on the 2.5 months since that time (estimated my limited skills, the number of people involving, and some complexity revolving the project).

But, I was failed. I can’t fulfil even one of the milestone. So, the fact, today is (hopefully) the real start of hWorld project because the progress this project run almost isn’t bigger than 1%. Very unimpressive, isn’t it? Why is that happen? Mainly because my old bad habit (lazy, not focused, bad time management, etc). But, I have promised that since today I will start to make this apps come true. Approximately, with the intensive work (+ learning the materials, approximately 15 work hours per day), the prototype will be finished in the end of April. Okay, that’s a expectation. Hopefully, that will come true.

For the plan, I will start learning materials for three days + analyze and design the web apps. So, in the next three days (at the end of next Friday), I will hopefully mastered the skills, and the design prototype have been already finished. In the next two days since that (at the end of next Sunday), I will put the action (coding) into it, so, the first iteration will be finished. At the end of this week, probably the first milestone will be completed. I am just planning to finish the prototype + simple test in this project only to complete the three course project (two prototype product + two business plan). If and only if there are friends interested to develop this project further, I will seriously develop it further together until the final product is completed.

In the next article, I will promise to elaborate the project more detailed, so you all can know the coolness of hWorld project :P. Furthermore, the proposal has already proposed, so to share the detailed introduction isn’t a big deal (but the proposal is written in Indonesian Language, so it must be translated to English before).


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