Cocoon Effect, The Evolution of Human from Worse to the Better

Before that, this is my first blog, mostly technical blog, intended to accomodate my desire to share experience in my career’s life (a little about personal life) and to facilitate my personal goal to learn English by writing it (honestly, I am bad in English, and feel sorry to u). I’m 21, a college student, and maybe u think that it’s late for me to actually seriously start thinking about career, career planning.

Honestly, I am not proud of many things I’ve done at the past in context of the failure of time management and trust building. I think, in the past 2 years, I’ve grown logarithmically and I’ve done nothing significantly. But, although I have done many mistakes in the past, I don’t regret it. The one of my regret in that context, is that I didn’t learn much from those mistakes. “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan.

In the past week, a lot of things happened to me. Suddenly, I feel that this was the right time for me to change, to start over again. In the past, I’ve said it over and over again. “Today is the time”. “Since today, I will be changed”. But, as u predicted, none of them come to reality. I’m still 2 years ago me. Or maybe 5 years ago me. Why? Maybe because I didn’t write it. Maybe because I didn’t mean it. Maybe because I had no passion, no heart, and no ethic in my everyday life. Maybe because of the shadow of mistakes I’ve done in the past. But, I must put an end to it, unless I will not make an impact in myself, my family, my friend, the people around me, and finally the world. A much more idealistic thinking. And seriously I mean it. Now or never. If I don’t change it now, then I’ll be doomed. I’ve put this promises in the Internet, so that every people around the world would love to remind me if I’ve stepped out of the line. And everyday I pray to The God (Allah SWT), asked the guidance to keep me on the line and the power to keep the promises I’ve said.

This week, there are exactly 2 people (aside of parents) who influence my decisions to put an end of everything I’ve explained before and to give me a courage to change, maybe, the course of my life. Accidentally, both of them have the same initials, N.

The first N, or let me say, the male N, have arrived as an invitational lecturer in one of my course in college. I’m very impressed with the way he present the materials and the way he inspire a lot of people in that room. But, personally, from that man, I realized that everyone have a great chance to change the course of their life. He told us that in the high school he was less socially and didn’t interact well with the others. I was surprised, the man with that calibre, has been on that state. And then he told us, “I realized, if I am forever in this state (less socially), I can’t have an impact to this life. I must be change.” And then history tells us the rest. Maybe he had realized it sooner. And I realized it later. But, fortunately, both of us have realized that the chance always there when we actually have a courage to put an end of the bad habit of the past, to step out of comfort zone, and to change ourselves to a better state (better, in this term depends on the idealism of each people). Actually, one of the reason I created this blog is because of the advice he gave to me. He said, “Create the technical blog and portfolio, because that’s how the company usually look the competence of you, how u differ from the others.”

The second N, or let me say, the female N, her presence itself is enough for me to be the reason. The reason for me to evolve. I can’t explain it briefly. Explain the reason why she has already been a big part for influencing my decision to start my life over, to put the ethic and passion in every work, and to encourage me to be better person, like the male N, previously described (from the fact that I rarely tell a personal matter in this blog, eventually this is a technical blog, isn’t it? :D). But, maybe God have told me in this fashion, “hey haris, I don’t expect your life to be like this. you were a very promising people, but yet u don’t meet even close of that expectation. you have already seek forgiveness and guidance to Me. so, in order to grant that, I will present u with someone precious who will make an impact to your life. aside from Me and your parents, make her as ‘the reason’ for you to change, to evolve, to be better personal. feel it with your heart and you’ll find the answer.” I hope so.

Aside from the male and female N, I forgot to tell u, there are another people who also inspire me in the past week. Different with “The N”, those people aren’t the people I eventually meet. They accidentally have the same initials, M. The first M, is let me say, my Prophet, Muhammad SAW. I read the book I recently bought, “Muhammad Super Leader Super Manager”, and he inspired us about how he become the greatest man ever. He is actually the role model almost in every single personal area. A Holistic Example. The second M, is let me say, the greatest basketball player ever, Michael Jordan. I recently watched the documentary video about him, and he taught me about, the faith we should put in every action, the ethic we should have in every work, the optimistic nature, the leadership, and finally the heart and passion he always have in every single match he has done.

Okay. That’s it. I’m sorry about the long enough introduction of this technical blog. But, it is cool, isn’t it? I’m sorry about the bad English. Hopefully, with every writing I’ve done, my English will be better. Please, support me, because without your help, I’m nothing. And then, finally,

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

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